Saturday, March 2, 2013

No Shallots or Asparagus

Every meal I cook or eat doesn't involve shallots and asparagus. There are some things that I've cooked that don't have either ingredient. Inherently these meals are less likely to flatter your palate but despite their shortcomings some of them actually are delicious. This post is about them, the honorable recipes that didn't involve the two most delicious ingredients. In a way they're respectable because they're coming from an adverse background of disadvantage.

Roasted Brussel Spouts w/ Prosciutto, Prawns wrapped in bacon, roasted tomatoes and red potatoes and a New York Steak

Green Enchiladas with beer braised chicken

Instead of putting red bell pepper in my lasagna, I put my lasagna in red bell peppers. They're spicy Italian sausage lasagna with arugula in a red bell pepper.

Red Enchiladas w/ strips of carne asada and cilantro

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