Monday, February 25, 2013

Shallot and Pickled Asparagus Bloody Mary

Years ago I had a weekly Sunday tradition where I would go have Bloody Mary's and play pool all afternoon in an Irish Pub. There was this lovely but haggard old bartender that made the best Bloody Mary's I've ever had. Mine still don't compare to my recollection of hers. After I watched her make one after another she eventually shared her recipe with me. I always liked the drink because at noon on a bright California Sunday it helped to relieve your head of a late Saturday night. As your self-induced cognitive paralysis set in the Bloody Mary was there to help lubricate your mind. To get it going again. It acted as a catalyst to encourage the synapses in your brain to begin to fire. As thought began to return to your mind you could again have conversations that included more that just groans and grunts. When I had a sufficient amount of elixir my friends and I would wander next door to eat Mexican food.

Here's my Bloody Mary recipe.


Most of this list is going to be to taste:
Horse Radish
Pickled Asparagus
Worcestershire sauce
Tomato Juice



The way to properly do this is to mix all of your ingredients and then add the tomato juice last. I use tomato juice instead of Bloody Mary mix because I like my list of ingredients more than I like Mr. T's or a store bought brand. The first thing you do is to salt the rim of your cup. You can do this by spreading some water around the rim with your finger and then dipping it into a small plate that you've covered with salt. I prefer sea salt. Fill the cup about half way up with ice. The size of the cup is directly correlated to the level of ambition you have for that day. If the cup is too big you're probably not going to get a lot done. From there I'll add vodka, Worcestershire, grated shallots, pepper and Tabasco. The last ingredient I'll add before the tomato juice is horse radish. About a 3rd of a teaspoon.  I'll use the spoon to mix it all up. Like I said before it's mostly to taste. I will typically do about 30 to 40% of the cup with ice and vodka. Two to three shakes of Worcestershire and Tabasco. A few shakes of salt even though the rim of the glass is salted. Lots of pepper. Just fill the rest of the glass with the tomato juice and garnish with a slice of shallot and a pickled asparagus.

After having this recipe proof read I made the argument that it's not really a recipe. Bloody Mary's are a very subjective taste. I can't tell you how you like yours. I like mine to be overly spicy. There are just going to be some things you need to figure out. 


  1. 1. Once I had a bloody Mary that was sort of like gazpacho or fresh salsa, and it was really good. But every other time, the canned tomato juice really ruined it for me.

    2. I feel like the plural of bloody Mary should be bloody Marys (no apostrophe).

    3. I like how you incorporated your passion for asparagus and shallots into this recipe. Good thing your favorite drink wasn't a cosmo.

  2. I feel like gazpacho and salsa have completely different flavors. Those both sound good though. And I'm sure you're right about the pluralization of Bloody Mary. I'm going to change that. Thanks.