Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shallot and Blanched Asparagus Salad

This is a really easy salad recipe. I'm unsure if recipe is the accurate word when you're talking about salads. It's more of a guideline. You can follow this exactly or follow your whims. I will be truly impressed if you can screw up a salad.


Blanched Asparagus
Sun dried tomatoes
Red bell pepper
Salt and Pepper to taste
Olive oil

There's a long-standing philosophical debate that divides salad culture regarding the basic preparation of salads. I think it even predates Socrates. He didn't have the audacity to get involved with this heated discussion and I will take his cowardly example. Whether you want to have all of the ingredients prepped and ready before you start to embark upon your creation or if you want to start with some ingredients in the bowl and simply add to your conglomeration of ingredients is up to you entirely. Each technique speaks volumes about you as a person and I refuse to weigh in to either side of the argument. You either make salads like Camus or you make salad like Kant. You will be judged accordingly.


For this salad I used the olive oil that was in the jar of sun dried tomatoes I had for a light salad dressing. When you do that a few times you can just add more olive oil to your jar and let it get infused with the sun dried tomatoes.


Take the aforementioned ingredients and put them in a bowl. Once all the ingredients are in the bowl you should drizzle the olive oil over the top of it all.


  1. I googled "amazing humor vegan salad" and your post came up. Thanks for the laughs & the recipe.

  2. You're better at Google than I am. I googled it and couldn't find it. When will Google realize that I'm the quintessential asparagus blogger?

  3. This was soooo good. I made it to use as sides for my lunches last week, but instead I ate it all at one time. LOL! Thanks for the recipe.